We are very pleased to announce we are now full members of the London Diamond Bourse, this enables us to source a much larger range of Diamonds directly from London allowing us to cut down the time from order to delivery. We are also able to source a wide range of larger certificated goods at even more competitive prices.

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Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that form under crushing pressures and intense heat. They mostly form in the Earth’s mantle, the layer beneath the crust or surface layer, at a depth of about 150km.

From time to time, gas-rich magmas, or molten rock, force their way upwards from the mantle and erupt explosively at the surface. If they sweep through an area with diamonds in it, they pick them up along with any other minerals that are present. As it cools, the magma solidifies into carrot-shaped pipes, or sometimes thin dykes, of kimberlite rock. These are named after the place where the first pipe was discovered, in Kimberley, South Africa.

The carrot-shaped pipes normally extend to depths of around 2.5km below the surface. The upper levels erode over hundreds of millions of years and expose any diamonds they are carrying.

Diamonds that were formed deep inside the earth can be mined close to the surface. The earth’s geological processes make this possible. Alluvial diamonds is the term used to describe diamonds that have been removed from the primary source (Kimberlite) by natural erosive action over millions of years, and eventually deposited in a new environment such as a river bed, an ocean floor or a shoreline.

Maygems has one of the most comprehensive Diamond stocks in London, from 0.07mm rounds to large GIA certificated stones Maygems has everything the modern retailer requires.

With a huge selection of Cuts, Shapes, Clarity, Colours and sizes ranging from jobbing stones for repairs and replacements to suites of stones for eternity rings and bracelets Maygems is your one stop shop for all your Diamond requirements, please feel free to contact us for further information.

All our diamond suppliers are carefully checked to ensure that they abide by the Kimberley Diamond Process.